The Company believes that since our employees are our greatest assets, the recruitment and selection process serves a long-term impact on achieving the Company’s goals and desired performance and ensures that investments in human resources reap expected returns.
Hence the Company strives to achieve employee satisfaction through our belief that every employee is an individual who takes pride in whatever he or she does to achieve performance excellence with right values.
The Company aims to ensure that the best-fit people are recruited on merit and that the recruitment and selection process is free from bias and discrimination.


The Company aims to build a Diversity & Inclusion culture and we have a diverse workforce in terms of its ethnic, religious, age and gender makeup.
We adopt the following principles for recruitment and selection:

  • We recruit and select employees based on merit in terms of competencies and regardless of age, race, gender, religion, marital status and family responsibilities.
  • We are fair to our employees in terms of rewards and recognition, and treat them with respect.
  • We set in place progressive human resource systems.
  • We provide our employees equal opportunity according to their development needs to help them achieve their fullest potential.


Positions available
  • Title:
    Vice President - Sales & Marketing
    A) Vice President - Sales & Marketing will be responsible for managing the gas application and operational functions, processes and laboratory of the company to support and coordinate with the subsidiary countries in ASEAN+ Region. B) Key Responsibilities: • To communicate with the management of ASEAN companies on the corporate and strategic plan of gas application in TNSC Group. • To ensure prompt, efficient, accurate and relevant performance of all procedures in the section. • To plan, manage and be responsible for overall operation of the section. • Develop strategic goals and marketing new areas of focus for Industrial Gas Business. • Driving policy reviews to ensure their relevance to the changing business environment and alignment to corporate objectives • Assure that assigned work is done accurately, promptly, efficiently and comply with quality standards • Review and revise policies/procedures/work instruction manuals to ensure completeness and keeping up with the latest technological changes and service quality. • Assure compliance with all regulatory agency guidelines and supervising participation in outside proficiency testing programs to ensure acceptable performance. • Manage monthly business review and conduct regular market analysis on key customers and major competitors. • Experience in formulating policy and developing and implementing new strategies and procedures. • To support the management team in any planning activities as and when required. C) General Requirements: • Degree or Master’s degree in Chemical, Mechanical Engineering or relevant field. • At least 12-15 years of relevant experience and preferably in Industrial Gases or Energy & Chemical Industry • Should be comfortable working with chemical gases, analytical, open to new ideas, resourceful and self-motivated. • Possess initiative, drive and able to work independently and result-oriented. • Relevance experience in business development and marketing, with exposure to formal prospecting and sales methods. • Willing and able to travel at short notice.
  • Title:
    Safety Manager
    A) Our Company is currently seeking a Safety Manager with experience supporting Safety matters across regional subsidiaries in Asia and Oceania. B) Key Responsibilities: • Understand TNSC's safety standards and has knowledge on safety management systems (SMS) • Promoting TNSC's safety standards at regional subsidiaries and make improvements to SMS • Ensure regional subsidiaries is in compliance with TNSC's standards and SMS • Perform safety inspections and risk assessments at sites and advice improvements to regional subsidiaries • Train subsidiaries with necessary safety knowledge and skills • Plan and conduct annual safety meeting • Conduct investigations of accidents in subsidiaries and support them by finding root cause • Share accident cases to other subsidiaries • Understand local regulations and companies' standards • Establish TNSC standards with HQ and improve safety standards periodically • Develop TNSC training programme with HQ • Respond for AIGA • Any ad-hoc duties assigned C) General Requirements: • Possess Bachelor degree in Mechanical or Chemical Engineering • Has experience in implementing safety audit on process safety • Familiar with ISO 9001, ISO 45001 or OHSAS 18001 • Has initiative, drive, able to work independently and results oriented • Possess good problem solving, communication and leadership skills


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